Wedding Traditions That Should Be Added And Those That Are Best Ignored

As you likely already know, there are hundreds of wedding traditions and they deviate substantially from one culture to the next. The wedding traditions from America are much different than those from Chinese or Great Britain. Nonetheless, it is undeniably true that each heritage will have its own fair share of bizarre rituals. While it may be a good idea to add a few to your wedding, some are best avoided. Below, you will discover which traditions to add and which to ignore.

wedding traditions

Which To Add 

There are truly a bunch of excellent wedding traditions and many of them will fit into any type of modern wedding. Wearing an accessory or piece of attire from a happily married woman might be a superstition, but it is something to consider adding to your wedding. It is simple, symbolic and it may protect you from future heartbreak. Wearing a veil is also a good choice. In the old days, the veil was worn to keep away evil spirits. While you likely do not believe in such nonsense, the veil can still make a good addition to your wedding wardrobe. Finally, you may also want to consider staying away from your significant other, until the ceremony begins. This is another great tradition that will help to make the big day a little more exciting.

Which To Avoid 

Of course, there is an abundance of crazy wedding cultures that are best avoided. In the past, it was believed that having a spider on your wedding dress would be a good omen. Today, you should understand how dangerous that is. Also, history told brides and grooms that receiving knives as a wedding gift was bad and signified a broken relationship. Today, this is frequently ignored. To offset this superstition, the bride and groom can simply give the gift giver a penny to make it a purchase instead of a gift!

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