Healthcare in India and its present scenario

However, at present, we know it as one of the fastest growing economies in the world but the essence of poverty is so much that the country ranked 143rd out 188 countries in the SDG or Sustainable Development Goals index published by the UN in current years. The index is composed of 17 goals which have been introduced by the UN Council at the meeting. This is quite surprising that being the most dynamic and urging economic in the world market the country is still behind in respect to health, poverty and etc. The only reason is the curse of poverty because poverty is the main disease which gives rise to some other acute diseases. Thus, the UN has decided that the country must fight against the poverty along with providing a better cure of the acute diseases through the robust infrastructure of the healthcare sector. There is no doubt that the India is the land of some qualified and experienced specialist who have done huge contributions in order to improve the health level of the country.


the health sector in India

The health sector of India is so widely distributed that to initiate any plan as mentioned in the initiatives becomes vital and doubtful. Because the authorities (mainly the lower body) under the health care unit doesn’t give much importance to the government plan and investment towards the welfare of the society.

• Public health sector: This sector is fully under the supervision of the government. The sector is further subdivided into several others sectors such as AIIM, Regional Cancer Center, Government Medical College, General Hospital or District Hospital, Rural hospitals, and Community Health Centre

• Private health Sector: The sector which is in itself is a government who is manipulating the price and service provided by them to the society. Though they are the highest tech and super specialist hospital that’s why the charges are very high.

• NGO Hospital: There are few volunteers groups who led to boost the health concern of the country. NGO are the nonprofit organization who are focusing on developing the living standard of people and their health. It is a voluntary action where people are open to take any action without interference of law or government

The sector is so vast and big that upper body member are not able to deliver a proper and final control on the illegal practices in the health sector such as abortion, sex discrimination and huge cost of medicine and medical treatment has also become one of the main reasons that today people are not able to pay it during the most needed time. Thus, in order to grab the clouds of uncertain and impeccable charges of medicine and medical treatment the Ministry of Health and family welfare has been appointed which at present under the Minister name Jagat Prakash Nadia. Furthermore, the government has also introduced some of the measures such reducing or eliminating the need for the minimum level of WBC counts for AIDS (HIV) etc.

Measure to improve the level of the healthcare system:

• India have opted that in coming years the investment on health care system will increase by 5% from previous year comparison

• Robust control on the price of the health either it is equipment or medicines through NPPA (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority)

• Enhance and improve the level of healthcare at secondary and tertiary unit or centers

• SD hospital also need to be strengthened for which NHSO (National Healthcare Standard Organization) has been proposed to established in order to provide evidence-based standard management guidelines

• NDHA (National Digital Health Authority) to be set up in order to deploy, develop and regulate the digital health care across the health care unit.

• AYUSH and ASHA both will be the mainstream line in promoting the health care unit.

• To improve the life expectancy, reduce the mortality and also eradicate the malicious price tag on the medicine and medical equipment.

At last, in order to meet the quality and standard healthcare, the government are now spending lots of money on incorporating either new specialist or research center for the common people or merging with the private specialist hospital. For, this the government has exempted GST tax from the health-related expenses or the expenses that are being allocated for society welfare.

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